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ISOLA is a Belgium based pottery brand created for slow and beautiful life lovers. Aga Alonczyk checked how a good life tastes in Warsaw, in Sicily and now in the little Belgian village.


The recipe she wants to share with you through her ceramic pieces is very simple: wherever you are, take care of your moments, your routines, keep the balance between yourself and the world.


Create your own safe place on Earth - your own island, full of acceptance and far from pretending to be someone you are not. Live now, tomorrow will come anyway.


All products are 100% handmade - formed with hands, out of clay platters, with no use of pottery's wheel or molds and fired on 1250 degrees.


ISOLA's intention is to leave on every creation a touch of imperfection and authenticity. Forms and shapes are simple and organic. Basic or custom glaze mixes reflect magnificent colors of natural, raw materials.

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